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Six Six Solutions is a training and investigations firm specializing in new, strategic and impactful firearms training. Six Six Solutions has assembled the most elite military and law enforcement instructors to provide personalized training. The cadre is composed of recently retired federal law enforcement officers and special agents, retired Army Special Missions Unit Operators, Rangers, Special Forces, and SEALs. All cadre are seasoned professionals in a variety of disciplines. This melding of unique skills and backgrounds provides the pinnacle of opportunity for cultivating and enhancing our client’s skill set.  Six Six also has instructors with experience in search and rescue and mountain rescue operations.   


With more than 16 years of experience in law enforcement, B. Hadley Hawkins leads Six Six Solutions in creating training courses that translate into client success. Prior to establishing Six Six Solutions, Hadley served as Special Agent for the U.S. Forest Service, uniformed patrol officer, and the Team Leader of a reconnaissance team. The instructor team includes many retired Tier 1 SOF Instructors, all with multiple combat deployments and hostage rescue experience, as well as law enforcement officers and agents with years of experience with a variety of backgrounds.


The unique combination of instructors with special operations and law enforcement experience allows Six Six Solutions to provide cutting edge training practices. These practices are combined with tried and true military tactics with an understanding of the necessities and considerations of working in the law enforcement field. 




Six Six Solutions expertise is in firearms and tactics. Tier 1 level instructors bring a wealth of experience in hostage rescue, counter-terrorism, marksmanship, demolitions, and breaching which enables Six Six Solutions to provide up to date weapons use with proven military tactics.      




All training courses are custom and designed to meet the specific needs of the requesting agency.  Call us today for a proposal, and we can start the process to develop an individual course just for you.



LOCATION: Bend, Oregon


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