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True North Elite and Six Six Solutions have partnered to provide Elite Firearms Training in Bend, Oregon

A rare and unique combination of Federal Law Enforcement combined with U.S. Special Forces offer a unique perspective into firearms training.  With over 45 years of knowledge between us, we have catered our training courses to real-world scenarios both overseas and here at home.  We not only offer tier one weapons handling and training but also insight on how to keep your family safe with “no kidding ground experience.”

Combined Firearms Course

Handgun and Carbine

Catering for the full spectrum of shooters, from beginners just learning the art to advanced shooters keeping their edge honed, the four days of handgun and rifle training follow fundamentally similar paths. Day one begins with a discussion on the topics of safety, combat marksmanship fundamentals, firearm, and ammunition selection. Transitioning to hands-on weapons training participants will progress from dry fire drills to static marksmanship to dynamic weapons firing culminating with weapons handling/operation under stress. Throughout this progression participants will be under the immediate tutelage of Hadley and T.S., both drawing from their diverse law enforcement and special operations backgrounds.


Day two of both handgun or rifle disciplines entail a brief refresher of day one (covering safety and marksmanship skills) transitioning to dynamic weapons handling skills. Punctuated throughout the course, the cadre will host friendly but competitive timed stress firing drills. Again, the participants will have ready access to the expertise of Hadley and T.S. for both professional critique and advice.


Course schedule: 

TBD  Handgun

TBD  Carbine


Two-Day Handgun Course

  • Gun and Ammo Selection

  • Pistol / Combat Marksmanship

  • Home Defense Applications

  • Ballistics

  • Transition Drills

  • Combat Reloads

  • Body Mechanics

  • Multiple Targets

  • Speed Shooting Drills

  • Accuracy Drills

  • Weak Hand Shooting

  • Stress Shooting by Competition


Two-Day Carbine Course

  • Rifle Marksmanship

  • Fundamentals

  • Zero Rifle Iron/Optic

  • Barricade Use

  • Shooting Positions

  • Knowing Holdoff with drills

  • Speed Shooting Drills

  • Combat Reloads

  • Accuracy Drills

  • Weak Hand Shooting

  • Stress Shooting by Competition

  • Weapons Maintenance




Combined Firearms Course:  $1100

If you aren't able to attend all four days you have the option to sign up for the Two-Day Handgun or Two-Day Carbine course.

Two-Day Handgun:  $600

Two-Day Carbine:    $600 


***50% non-refundable deposit required at booking, balance due first day of training***

(cash, credit or check accepted on-site)



Instructors for this course: T.S. and Hadley Hawkins

T.S. and Hadley have trained multiple law enforcement agencies together and have partnered for this training (biographies on Instructors page).


Rifles and pistols are available to rent, contact if interested.


Needed Equipment            

Handgun with a quality hip holster

3-4 handgun magazines

Carbine (AR style with a sling)

2-3 AR magazines

1000 rounds of handgun ammunition

1200 rounds of rifle ammunition (no armor piercing)

Hearing protection (electronic preferred)

Shooting glasses

Lunch/water each day (no restaurants near range)


Range Location  

Central Oregon Shooting Sports Association (COSSA)


  • From Bend, go east on Hwy 20 a little over 20 miles.

  • Turn left at the "Shooting Range" sign just past the 24-mile marker.

  • Turn right over the cattle grate.

  • Stop at the electric gate (keypad is on the left)

  • Enter your COSSA gate code

  • NOTE: If attending a COSSA event please use the Event gate code. There is normally a phone number posted at the gate if you don't know the event code.

  • Wait for the gate to open

  • Drive thru the gate and proceed onto the range.


Detailed Course Description Handgun

Day one of Combat Handgun begins with Introductions and a safety briefing, followed by T.S. and Hadley presenting a succinct primer on pistol/ammunition selection, home/self-defense applications and fundamentals of combat marksmanship.

Hands on training commences with dry fire drills utilized by top shooters nationwide.
Transitioning to live fire, shooters fire two 10 shot courses at 15 yards followed by one 10 shot course at 25 yards for
score. These fundamental marksmanship drills will be conducted under the watchful eyes of T.S. and Hadley. Performance and observations made at this point will serve as a fundamental starting point for shooters during the two-day course and recommendations provided will assist shooters in attaining their performance goals.
Following the marksmanship exercises, shooters will train on
proper presentation from the holster, immediate action drills (clearing malfunctions), and emergency reloading. Instruction/presentation will be followed by live fire drills performed by the shooters. Initially working fundamentals slowly, the shooters will progress to performance under stressors such as timed drills or friendly competition. Repetitive effort will build subconscious ability to properly run the handgun. Shooters will be able to use these drills later to solidify skills gained during the course.
Returning to a combat marksmanship focus, shooters will deploy the handgun from the holster and fire controlled pairs (double-tap) first at the 7 yard and then at the
10 yard line. Earlier primers on proper grip, sight picture and trigger manipulation will pay off for the shooters at this stage.
After a break for lunch and a quick dry fire drill, shooters will again fire the 25-yard marksmanship drill of 10 rounds for score.
Transitioning back to a combat marksmanship focus, shooters will fire progressively difficult double-tap drills on multiple targets with
eventual introduction of stressors such as a timer and competition.
Day one will culminate with a third 25-yard course of 10 shots for score and a friendly handgun competition with winners awarded course SWAG.
Shooters will be given an after action review, opportunity to ask questions regarding the
days instruction and a brief on Day two’s activity.
Day two begins with a safety brief, instruction refresher and the 25-yard 10 shot course for
Following that, the shooters will train a speed presentation from the holster under the stress of a timer, firing from the
7 yard line.
shooters proper grip and trigger work will be tested by a 5 round rhythm drill conducted from the low ready and then the holster.
Returning from lunch break, shooters will fire a series of dynamic drills designed to bring in a variety of the skills gained over the previous day and a half. Rapid accurate fire with speedy reloading skills will reward the shooter with low times on the shot timer and the consistent ringing of rounds on steel.
A final 25-yard 10 shot course for score will be followed by a different handgun competition, with winners again receiving course SWAG.
A final AAR will be provided with both Hadley and T.S. answering any questions the shooters may have.


Detailed Course Description Carbine

Day one begins with Introductions and a safety briefing, followed by T.S. and Hadley presenting a succinct primer on rifle/ammunition selection, home/self-defense applications and fundamentals of combat marksmanship. 


Hands on firing commences with 50 and 200-meter zero confirmation. Included is a discussion and exercise displaying the shooters holdover at various distances resulting from bullet trajectories. 


After zero confirmation, controlled single/double tap shots from 10 and 25 meters will be fired under the close tutelage of cadre. Multiple targets and combat reload drills are mixed in at this point, adding an element of stress. 


After breaking for lunch, a brief discussion regarding proper weapons maintenance will be followed by a progressive failure drill requiring the shooter to get their weapon “back in the fight” with immediate action clearing drills. 


Utilizing the fundamental skills polished earlier in the day, shooters will drill by repeated double tap shots on multiple targets at intermediate range. 


A marksmanship bullseye drill will be fired and scored, incorporating the days topics of marksmanship and holdover. 


Day one will culminate with a competitive fun shoot incorporating stress and increasing distances. Course SWAG will be presented to winners. 


A debrief of days activities and explanation of the subsequent day’s activities will be provided prior to shooters departure. 


Day Two will begin with instruction on proper use of cover and field expedient firing positions followed by students practical firing from these positions. 


Firing from various positions/barricades at various distances for score will be conducted until lunch. 


Following lunch, shooters will fire progressively difficult combat drills incorporating skills gained during the two days of tutelage. 


The second day will culminate with another friendly competition, involving the presentation of more Course SWAG to winners. 


Shooters will have the opportunity to engage Hadley and T.S. regarding the topics covered during the course after action review. 

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A bottle of Three Rangers Whiskey will be awarded to the top shooter for handgun and carbine!

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