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D.S., Regional Patrol Commander, USFS

Hadley Hawkins is a consummate professional who brings a wide breadth of specialized experience to bear.  As a wildland firefighter early in his career, he rose to the rank of Superintendent for an Interagency Hotshot Crew, which is an elite team of 20 wildland firefighters, the most highly trained in the country, that are prepared to battle the most serious fires nationwide.  When he became a Federal Law Enforcement Officer for the Forest Service, Hadley formed and led the Agency’s Regional Reconnaissance Team for Washington and Oregon where he prepared mission plans, prepared and monitored its budget, and led numerous tactical missions of an inherently dangerous or potentially deadly nature.  In addition to his other duties, Hadley was a Federal Firearms Instructor, preparing and providing training, ensuring that firearms qualifications by employees were met and recorded, maintained records, and assisted employees with additional guidance and mentoring.  The Forest Service acknowledged Hadley’s work ethic and skill set enough that he was honored as the Forest Service Law Enforcement Officer of the Year in 2007.  After being promoted to Special Agent, Hadley made use of his fire and law enforcement experience by managing several serial arson cases and a multi-state car theft case to successful outcomes.  In retirement, Hadley has contracted with the Forest Service to manage and provide oversight for a serious serial arson case in the central Oregon area, and has provided extremely high quality advanced firearms training for its firearms instructors.  Approachable, friendly, and responsive, Hadley continues to be an asset for anyone he provides assistance to.  


North Carolina Law Enforcement Officers

Wilderness Law Enforcement Operations Course

This was possibly one of, if not the best, Law Enforcement training's I have attended. My job requires me to constantly be in the wilderness as an LEO. I will be able to take every piece of information I learned in this class back to my job.

Hadley is clearly an expert in his field. His training and explanations were based on real world experience which proved valuable in the training evolutions.

The instructors were very knowledgeable and had real on the job training in the topics they taught. It made the instruction more believable and they could instruct from real experiences.  

Absolutely an all around good instructor who is passionate about what he does. A great guy

Hadley gave positive comments and always helpful on how to better the situation. His background in LE ops allowed him to give great insight on recon and teamwork.

Great instructor, valued his first hand exposure to using these techniques in the field. Was always welcoming to questions.

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