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Six Six Solutions LLC Provides Law Enforcement and Military Training

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Six Six Solutions’ expertise is in firearms and tactics. Our instructors bring a wealth of experience in the following:


  • Operational Planning

  • Hostage Rescue

  • Intel Integration

  • Crisis Response Planning/SOP’s

  • Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR)/Drone Integration

  • Sniper Integration

  • Surgical Explosive Breaching

  • Clandestine Methods of Entry (CMOE)

  • Hostage Rescue CQB Principles

  • Medical Concepts in the Hostage Rescue environment

  • Bridging the gap between normal law enforcement situations to Counter Terrorism Response, Example: the Orlando Night Club Shooting


In addition, Six Six can provide hostage rescue marksmanship training including:


  • Target Discrimination

  • Speed/Accuracy

  • Transitions

  • 2 man/4 man CQB

  • Multi-team CQB


Other training opportunities:


  • Winter Operations: cold weather clothing systems, equipment, packs, food/water, winter survival, and travel by snowshoes, skis, and snowmobile

  • Snowmobile Patrol Tactics

  • ATV/UTV Patrol Tactics

  • Small Unit Tactics

  • Alpine/Wooded Operations

  • Land Navigation

  • Tactical Tracking Courses: one-day orientation to full five-day courses

  • Officer Down Extraction

  • Counter Ambush Techniques, Cover Shoot Drills

  • Command and Control (C2)

  • New Team Member Selection

  • Training Process

  • Unit Structure 


Six Six Solutions has partnered with Vertically Speaking to provide rope rigging and rescue training


Vertically Speaking specializes in teaching and applying high-angle rope techniques in unique, adverse and extreme conditions. Whether your environment is mountain, cliff, cave, or tree, they teach you the skills to solve your rope access problems.  They are experts in two worlds: civilian search and rescue, and tactical law enforcement and military operations.


There is nobody more qualified to teach rope rescue than my friends over at Vertically Speaking, they wrote the book! Literally, they wrote the book!  Click below for a link to purchase SPAR.














They are also working on the next edition of On Rope for the NSS (National Speological Society)















Some of the training provided by Vertically Speaking, visit their website for more information.


  • Vertical Assault-Building Climbing/Roof Entry

  • Elevator Shaft Climbing

  • Advanced Rope Work

  • Police Rope Work: rappel master, tree protester intervention, bridge protester intervention

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All training courses are custom built and designed to meet the specific needs of the requesting agency. We will come to you and determine your training needs or requests and develop the course. Call us today for a proposal, and we can start the process to develop an individual course just for your agency!
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